Automation for Marketing Platform Partners

Bots connect systems out of reach to APIs, so you can focus on your most important work.

No API?  No Problem.

Running into roadblocks with integration? Bots can go anywhere users can go and can bridge closed-off systems.

The closed system company

Take a company that has decades of sales and operational data in a legacy system. They use this system to power their operations and can't easily switch away. The system works for them and they take great care to maintain it.

Enter a new Marketing Director

The company hires a Director of Marketing to come in and revamp their marketing and sales execution. They need a modern CRM to keep their customers happy. However, a CRM integration project is impossible. Their legacy system isn’t accessible with an API.

What is the company to do?

The company is stuck. They need to figure out how to keep two systems synchronized without the ability to communicate directly. They could hire a humans to move data from one program to another, but humans are expensive and error-prone.

That's were we come in

We create bots to act as a pathway between the two systems. Bots are no different than human employees and have similar system access and rights. They have a company email address and report to a manager.

A bot workforce can sync data from the legacy system to a modern CRM. It can also bridge the gap to write data to the legacy system. It can perform specific tasks that are predefined such as converting a closed deal to a work order in the legacy system. 

How We Partner

We typically work with our partners across three different phases

Sizing up Automation Opportunities

We are client-facing and can work with stakeholders to understand potential engagement value.

Designing & Building the Bot Workforce

We build a bot workforce to work in concert with your client's human workforce.

Hypercare & Ongoing Support

We manage and support your client's bot workforce on your behalf.

We have worked in an entirely white-label capacity as well as a side-by-side partner. Our teams have deep operational and client service experience.

Our Values

What to expect when working with us

Over many years of experience we’ve kept some core values that make great partnerships last.


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