$120M for Blue Prism, $100M ARR for UIPath $2.5M for Electroneek, and NASA launches RPA

This week is all about funding and valuations as RPA companies start seeing serious interest from investors along with big jumps in revenue.

Investors splash £100m on robotic process automation vendor in hopes RPA holds up in wake of COVID-19 (ArsTechnica)

Blue Prism grabbed a new CEO and went on to raise £100M. In January they reported 2019 Revenue of £101M (up 83%).

As COVID-19 pummels global economy, 8 new companies join the $100M ARR club (TechCrunch)

UIPath also hits the $100M revenue club, too bad it’s not in pounds like Blue Prism.

ElectroNeek, A Y Combinator Robotic Process Automation Startup, Raises $2.5M To Increase Remote Work Productivity (Forbes)

And YC Winter 2020 startup Electroneek raised $2.5M in seed funding to focus on RPA targeting small and medium size businesses. “…there has been a void because traditional RPA solutions are not easily adopted by small to medium-sized companies, due to technical and cost barriers.”

NASA working on RPA security plan to set unattended bots in motion (Federal News Network)

So far NASA has 6 unattended bots in production and more to come. The best part about these bots is you don’t have to hit them with a shovel when they break.

How to Effectively Embrace Automation? (Analytics Insight)

“…the greatest challenge with the introduction of automation is getting sceptical staff to see the advantages”

How Agencies Are Making New Use of RPA(FedTech Magazine)

Another breakdown on how government agencies are embracing RPA.

3 Steps for Deploying Robotic Process Automation(Information Week)

Turns out it’s only 3 steps. I could have sworn it was 30.

Photo Credit: Flickr/frankieleon

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