Automation Everywhere, the pandemic speeds up automation efforts, and an interview with the CEO of

RPA Weekly for August 12th, 2020

Not a lot of RPA news this week (at least news that isn’t in the form of a press release), but some decent Podcast and YouTube content to keep you occupied as you automate the world.

Robotic process automation battle for a bigger prize: automation everywhere

LOTS of data in here from Cube Insights. Worth a quick glance at least.

The pandemic is speeding up automation, putting jobs in question

Nothing too shocking here, the pandemic has sped up automation efforts and called into question their effects on job redundancy.

Top 10 causes of RPA failures and how to avoid them

Gina Schaefer, U.S. intelligent automation practice lead at Deloitte, suggested that the root cause of many types of failures “stems from a lack of overall vision and direction for the program, defined by the leadership and embraced by the business.”

Hard to argue with that.

The A/V Club

Formulated Automation: Interview with Babu Sivadasan CEO of (Podcast)

This week, we chatted with Babu Sivadasan, CEO of  Jiffy is an IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) platform that is meant for scale.  We get a background on Babu and why he got into the space.  We also dive into some of the key features needed to execute IPA.  Babu talks to us about leadership qualities for successfully ushering automation through an organization.  We also talk about how change affects automation and the timescale lens that Babu looks at automation through.

RPA Competitors Battle for a Bigger Prize...Automation Everywhere (Podcast)

…we introduce new thinking on the Automation TAM & explore the competitive spending dynamics between Automation AnywhereUiPathBlue PrismPegasystems & some giants entering the space like MicrosoftSAP and IBM.

Francis Carden of Pega: RPA Doesn’t Automatically Mean Adding Intelligence to Your Automation (Podcast)

VP of Digital Automation at Pega talks about what it means to add intelligence to automation and what’s in store for the RPA market. Transcript

Why RPA? Why Automation Anywhere? | TaskUs RPA Success Story (YouTube)

Always interesting to hear an RPA implementation story, even if it is promoted by a vendor.

Manish Pandya, SVP, TaskUs talks about why RPA was a focus of their business strategy, and how it directly improved the team experience. He'll cover a few topics, including Why RPA?, How RPA offers an "API-less" solution and Why Automation Anywhere?

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