Interviews with UiPath and Electroneek execs, RPA and Startups, IBM buys an RPA firm, and a bot named Rambo

RPA Weekly for August 4th, 2020

IBM Buys Brazil’s RPA Vendor WDG Automation

US tech giant IBM has acquired Brazil-based WDG Automation, gaining new automation technologies as well as wider access to Latin American businesses looking to automate their business operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not a shock, seeing as IBM’s largest source of revenue comes from it’s business and services division. Expect more of this. More from IBM Cloud (YouTube)

How Robotic Process Automation Can Revolutionize How Startups Manage Data and Empower Employees

ReadWrite pulls together an excellent look at how startups are using RPA to improve efficiencies and fend off competition.

The early days of a startup are the most important in its lifespan. By failing to optimize your operations, it could cost your business valuable working hours and damage the satisfaction levels of both your employees and customers.

Interconnectivity – the key to the next generation of automation

By combining “citizen developers” — professionals with a firm grasp of their role and what they need the software to do — with traditional DevOps practitioners, companies can break down the data silos, create better business processes, use the software to make smart decisions on the fly, and drive the organization forward in digital leaps and bounds.

Bots For The People, By The People At Bank Of Montreal

Bots are helping their BMO colleagues by performing testing and monitoring functions, tightening controls, fighting crime and speeding up client onboarding processes. 

Even if you don’t read the article, the most important thing to know is that their Financial Crimes Unit has a robot named “Rambo”.

Automation Anywhere Named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation

But wait, there’s more. UiPath was also named a leader in the 2020 RPA Magic Quadrant. Oh, and so was BluePrism. I guess the only real news here was that WorkFusion was able to edge up on the “Ability to Execute” axis and land themselves in the Magic Quadrant zone for the first time. Congrats to the team at WorkFusion, but don’t focus too much on execution and forget “Completeness of Vision”. Source: 2020 RPA Magic Quadrant

The A/V Club

Interview with Dmitry Karpov Co-Founder & CIO at Electroneek (Podcast)

We spoke with Dmitry Karpov the Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Electroneek. Dmitry has a rich background in automation and entrepreneurship. Dmitry walks us through his experiences and how Electroneek is different than the competitors in the space. We discuss what ingredients are needed for RPA to flourish in an organization.

Interview with Guy Kirkwood - Chief Evangelist from UI Path (Podcast)

Last week we interviewed Guy Kirkwood, UiPath’s Chief Evangelist. We discuss his story and perspective as hire number 27 back in 2015 to the current state of the company and marketplace.  Guy talks about the reality of implementing RPA and what effect it has on culture or "Mood Music" as he calls it.

Inside the Rocketship Podcast Season1 Ep10: RPA Developers Discuss their Challenges and the Products (YouTube)

UiPath interviews a few of their developers about what it takes to build an RPA product and the challenges they face.

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