More UiPath funding analysis, RPA's Sweetspot, and Recruiting Automation

RPA Weekly for July 21st, 2020

UiPath’s $225M Round: What Does This Mean For RPA (Robotic Process Automation)?

“The funding for UiPath is consistent with our view of a technology at the proverbial inflection point,” said Adib Ghubril, who is the research director at Info-Tech Research Group. “IBM has actively sought to strengthen its position in this market since the beginning of the year. Indeed, many believed that Automation Anywhere or UiPath would be the target. The fact that IBM opted for a much smaller player–WDG Automation–suggests that the big three–Automation Anywhere, BluePrism, and UiPath–are liking their odds of going-it-alone, at least for now.”

Finding the sweet spot for RPA in the Covid-19 response

RPA can smooth some working from home bumps amid the Covid-19 crisis, but don’t expect it to solve everything.

However, organisations are playing with fire if they drop RPA into the middle of the Covid-19 work-from-home scramble. Knowledge workers are already pulling their hair out trying to figure out how to do their jobs under standard operating procedures while working from home. Expecting those beleaguered workers to rethink and reprogram those processes from home feels like a recipe for disaster.

Rise of automation creates new RPA job descriptions

As automation increases in the enterprise, new RPA jobs are emerging that require a unique combination of hard and soft skills that go far beyond the traditional roles.

The challenge for CPA firms: Applying RPA in the real world

A real-world look at the challenges of applying RPA inside a CPA firm for internal processes and financial statement audits.

The A/V Club

How Unicorns Do It: Inside UIPath's Global Community (Podcast)

Luiza Drăghicean, UiPath’s EMEA Community Manager, talks about building a global community as a fast growing company.

UIPath reels in another $225M as valuation soars to $10.2B (Podcast)

Techcrunch analyzes what the recent UiPath funding round means for the market.

Predictability and the Pipeline | Ashim Gupta, CFO, UiPath (Podcast)

Not entirely related to RPA, but an interesting interview with UiPath’s CFO about the importance of meeting and understanding your customer as a CFO.

Recruiting Automation Strategy (Podcast)

Recruiter focused, but dives into automation strategies and the potential for RPA in talent acquisition.

Software robot using RPA-Uipath technology (YouTube)

An 8 year old builds an RPA robot for scraping YouTube using UiPath. This is a real world example of how Covid-19 and isolation is negatively affecting our kids.

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