Securing RPA, Struggling with RPA and Doubting RPA | Plus a Robocorp follow-up

RPA Weekly for August 18th, 2020

Kind of a pessimistic week in the world of RPA news, but interesting nonetheless. It can’t all be sunshine and fund-raises. Oh, and some great podcasts!

Rise of the Robots: How You Should Secure RPA

…security managers need to ensure they are actively collaborating with employees who may be implementing new technologies in order to uncover hidden security risks. Secretly deployed RPA could very well become another problematic version of shadow IT that CISOs need to watch out for and warn about.

This is likely to be the biggest security issue we’ll see in the next few years with RPA, especially as low-code tools make it more accessible.

Singapore firms struggle with RPA roll-outs

According to the study conducted by Blue Prism, a supplier of RPA software, 73% of Singapore business leaders are facing difficulties in applying RPA further, while 71% feel more thought needs to be put into its application.

How RPA Can Help Your Enterprise Save Money

"Some leaders suspect that business gains have been overstated and support costs understated," Le Clair said. He noted that 25% of the enterprises contacted by Forrester questioned the ROI of their initial investments.

Good overview of the RPA market and some questions about whether or not it’s overheating.

UiPath Announces the Largest RPA Developer Community Event

At UiPath DevCon, more than 10,000 RPA developers and solution architects will gather to expand their knowledge during technical sessions led by UiPath product managers, developers, practitioners, and experts from the UiPath customer and partner community.

Finally, some good news, even if it is from a press release. This actually looks to be shaping up as a good virtual conference. Find out more here.

The A/V Club

Formulated Automation Podcast: Catching up with Antti from Robocorp (Podcast)

This week we catch back up with Antti Karjalainen, the CEO of Robocorp. Robocorp is the leading open-source RPA company that has recently released their GA release. We dive into how they are supporting other open-source projects in the space and what tools are in the works in the coming months. We also talk about how community-driven projects can help the initiatives of the company.

AI4_Development Standards - Part1 (Podcast)

Automation Impact talks to Radomir Ivankovic, CoE Lead Developer at OLX Group, about RPA and implementing development standards (ReFramework is heavily promoted). Radomir dives into the technical issues and breaks down some of the bad RPA deployments he’s seen over the years making this a must-listen episode for RPA developers.

CRM Audio: What's new with RPA in Microsoft Power Automate (Podcast)

CRM talks to Cody Erickson from Microsoft about the Softmotive acquisition, Power Automate, and when to use RPA.

Nikolay Goldovich - Harmonization and Automation (Podcast)

The Human and AI podcast interviews Nicolay Goldovich, Head of Automation CoE at Sanofi Business Services, about his experiences implementing RPA at large orgs.

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