About Formulated

Who we are
Our mission is to make the workplace a more meaningful environment for the entire workforce. We achieve this by automating robotic work. This frees up humans to do human work.
Mary Mellino
Mary brings over 18 years of diverse experience across strategy, operations and risk management both within the technology and consulting sectors. She has held leadership roles at EY, GE Digital and Hyland software. Mary believes the "job-to-be-done" for this generation of business leaders is to use emerging technology and innovation to elevate human capital. Mary lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband and three daughters. She enjoys yoga, cycling and she has recently dusted off her childhood roller skates.
Brent Sanders
Brent is Formulated Automation’s Chief Executive Officer and brings over 15 years of industry experience in technology architecture, software development and process automation. Before starting Formulated he was Operating Partner at Builders VC where he played a hands-on role incubating early-stage companies. Brent currently lives in Cleveland, OH with his wife and young son. He enjoys backcountry hiking, skiing and a good fire pit.
Mark Percival
Mark was the co-founder and CTO of Snip.it, where he grew the engineering team and scaled the product from prototype to production before being acquired by Yahoo. While at Yahoo, Mark worked as an Architect merging Tumblr’s platform with Yahoo Finance. He also designed the framework and lead the team that transitioned Yahoo’s international partners entirely to Tumblr.
Colin Keeley
Colin brings over 9 years of experience marketing and growing new technology products. Before Formulated, Colin was a venture capital investor at Builders VC and held a variety of Product and Marketing roles at early-stage companies. Colin studied Economics and Mathematics and played basketball at Macalester College and got his MBA from the University of Chicago. Outside Formulated, you can find Colin playing all sports, biking, reading, living on Twitter, and walking aimlessly while listening to podcasts.

Why Formulated?

We consider our automation practice to be an extension of our mission.  We don’t think of ourselves as just an agency. Our engagements are value-driven and built to align incentives. We optimize for people and aim to conserve mental energy for the most precious of tasks.


Past clients

Simon Marks

Product Manager - FMI Manufacturing

Formulated has been handling our bot workforce for about five years now. Without an automation solution we would be stuck trying to staff two FTEs on a tedious and time consuming task. Our setup has been running without incident and continues to deliver results.

Elizabeth Krueger


We ran a pilot that expanded into a full-fledged robot workforce. Our internal team has been able to stay focused on their roadmap and worked directly with Formulated to ensure compliance. We see a strong continued ROI and our team couldn’t be happier to avoid this work.


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