We help companies move faster with automation

Formulated partners with companies to evaluate, build and manage their automation programs.

We build robots so your human workforce can focus on delivering value.

Building better bots

Tailored to your individual needs, built to your working environment.

In just a fraction of the time

Pricing that allows you to act quickly, and see the benefits immediately.

Without the need for IT

We setup and maintain your bots. IT can focus on their own roadmap.

Some of the people we've worked with:

"Formulated made the impossible possible."

- Business Solutions Manager, Manufacturing Company

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Digital workers love repetitive, complex work

Invoice Processing
Seamlessly extract data from invoices and push it to your different systems automatically.
Financial Transactions
Automate manual work like managing invoices and inputting data into your financial systems, to cut costs, reduce risk, and improve efficiency.
Vendor Onboarding
Get full visibility into all tasks, data and steps, so you know what’s going on with your vendors, and can respond to their needs at any stage.
Compliance Reporting
Automated steps reduce risk when your processes are completed the right way, every time. And with structured data at your fingertips, it’s easier to stay audit-ready.
Data Entry
Tedious steps and human errors hold you back. Accelerate the pace of business and lower risk.
Supply Chain
Coordinate compliance certifications and insurance documentation, automate vendor feedback, limit data entry errors, update your systems, and maximize your team’s productivity.
Customer Service
By allocating manual steps to automation, your team can save time, keep up with communications, have full visibility into data and deepen customer relationships.
Payroll Processing
Endless admin tasks within and between systems don’t have to control your day. Make room for strategic goals—with less effort, cost and risk.
Automation Competitive Landscape

How does Formulated compare?

Fully monitored and maintained. Rapid delivery. Zero implementation fees. Monthly payment based on your processes.
Good for simple automations for individual users or small workflows. Doesn't work for mission critical or enterprise use cases.
Requires in house developers, process design team, full infrastructure license. Expensive and rarely produces results.
Expensive up-front investment for solution design. Requires in-house developers and then you are stuck supporting an expensive operation.

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