Case Study

Automation for Customer Service

E-Commerce is booming right now. Suppliers are scrambling to catch up with demand. With the glut of packages swamping the system, customer service is being overwhelmed. Here is how we’ve built bots to assist customer service for an online retailer.

We looked at what customer service does well and what they don’t. Customer service does a great job of communicating with customers, anticipating their needs and turning around bad situations. customer service is terrible at doing repetitive tasks without mistakes. We wanted to focus on tasks that customer service teams do that aren’t related to that core competency.

Filing Claims

Packages that go unaccounted for require a missing mail claim to be filed by the USPS. Filing a claim involves filling out a web-based form with all of the information about the shipment. This requires customer service to change contexts from their communication tasks to work on inputting shipment information. It normally takes about 10-15 minutes to complete each time.

Proactive Messaging

We’ve enabled brands to be proactive about fixing undelivered or missing orders. A bot that runs through past orders identifies if shipments have not been delivered that should have and builds a contact list. This allows customer service to proactively message customers about delays or missing packages. Proactive messaging prevents chargebacks and upset customers. Customers love the attention to detail.

While all of these examples are trivial demonstrations of what automation and specifically RPA can do, they save humans from “dumb work”. This work adds up to serious hours out of the day. Removing it has a real effect on customer service teams. 

Error Free

Formulated monitors and manages these integrations entirely. The robotic workers never miss a day and work perfectly every time.

Improved Customer Relations

Customer service is able to focus on the customer and less time on working with the e-commerce platform or fulfillment systems.

No Management Overhead

Automations are managed externally requiring no management responsibility or overhead. Customer service can run the automations on-demand on their computer.

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