Case Study

3 Week Automation Sprint. Years of Savings.

A leading financial services company with a growing department was struggling to hire fast enough to keep up with demand. They knew automation could solve their problems, but were unsure how to begin.

Formulated performed a 3-week, $10,000 engagement to identify automation candidates and implemented one to demonstrate the power of automation.

Week 1

Formulated sent over a business analyst and an engineer to work with the team for a week to review and analyze a popular business unit’s activities. The team compiled an archive of videos, notes, and analyses available for review.

Week 2

The team identified 8 automation opportunities and recommended an automation to pursue for this first engagement. The goal for the first automation is to find the most impactful solution that can be implemented without custom development or IT resources.

Week 3

Formulated implemented an automation solution using Power Apps to detect duplicate processing activities early. The annual cost of the problem is estimated to be $46,000+ and the value of time gains is greater than 300% in the first year of operation.


During this initial automation sprint, Formulated identified many larger and more valuable automation opportunities. These opportunities have been prioritized and implemented across many different departments.

This has dramatically streamlined workflows and improved employee efficiency and well-being. The most boring and painful tasks are now taken over by robotic workers. Humans are now free to do more than copy and paste numbers from one field to another.

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