Case Study

Formulated is delivering a 837+% ROI

A leading manufacturer needed help handing a painful workflow. Formulated implemented a bot workforce to take it off their hands.

The company’s Business Solutions group was required to send out monthly machinery reports to each of the department’s customers. Each report needed to be generated and distributed to the correct customer and some customers wanted alternative formats. This work required two full-time employees to just generate and distribute the reports.

Formulated designed and developed a robotic workforce to handle each granular task to deliver reports quickly and securely. The robots, managed entirely by Formulated, send thousands of reports out daily and at month-end.

The company was able to transition the process of generating and emailing reports from two full-time employees to fully-robotic. The robot workforce manages this task entirely and Formulated supervises the robot workforce. The two employees are now free to focus on meaningful human work.

Bots Deliver Results

Capacity Increase
From 175 reports sent daily to over 1,140
Cost Reduction
From a $3.28 average cost per report to $0.04
Time Savings
From 100% human time spent on processes to 0%
Error Free for 6 Years

Formulated monitors and manages these integrations entirely. The robotic workers never miss a day and work perfectly every time.

Improved Customer Relations

Formulated has provided alternative data formats, dependability, and flexibility not otherwise available with internal resources.

No Management Overhead

The task is managed with confidence externally requiring no management responsibility or overhead.

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