Chinese RPA, India goes offline, and is RPA recession proof?

It's Your Weekly RPA Newsletter for Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Chinese RPA Startups Off to a Good Start in 2020

The Chinese RPA market is heating up and taking in new capital for growth. Encootech just raised $30M on top of the $45M they already raised last year, and Laiye Technology raised a $42M Series C. Although these firms are highly focused on the Chinese market it’s unlikely to stay that way.

India's huge outsourcing industry struggles with work-from-home scenario

As India goes into Covid-19 lockdown, outsourcing firms are struggling to move to remote work. If nothing else, this is a good test of your business continuity planning.

Automation Anywhere an RPA Company, Launches Bot Security Program

Speaking of business continuity, Automation Anywhere has launched a program to certify and improve the reliability of bots published on its bot store. And in true modern PR fashion, they’ve managed to loosely tie it to Covid-19 - “A security breach can be a nightmare for any business, and the potential risk can be daunting, especially as Covid-19 spreads around the globe”. Indeed.

Expressive Raises $30M Series B To Automate Help Desks

Expressive uses “artificial intelligence to automate help desks for employee inquiries, [promising] a 40 percent to 60 percent reduction in help desk call volume”. General Catalyst led the round.

GSA’s coronavirus bot shows how RPA can supplement pandemic response

The GSA built a bot to collect Covid-19 infection data from different counties. Bonus points if they can also get the bot to administer the tests.

Using RPA to automate internal audits – where to start

A quick look at how organizations like Deloitte automate audit tasks and how they choose them.

Demystifying the Role of Intelligent Automation in Outsourcing

Basically, use IA to help your outsourced teams keep the end user/customer happy.

Who Fixes the Robots?

Joe Wheatley weighs the pros and cons of outsourcing vs “upskilling” your current workforce.

RPA: Is It Recession Proof?

I sure hope so.

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