Hyperscience raises $60M, Our latest podcast, Healthcare RPA adoption, and how RPA builds resiliency

RPA Weekly for June 9th, 2020

New York Startup Hyperscience Raises $60 Million In Bid To Become Automation Software’s Next Breakout

While Hyperscience partners with several of the large automation platforms, their ultimate goal is to compete directly with them. “At Bessemer, partner Elliott Robinson says the hope is that Hyperscience can do something RPA hasn’t easily achieved: create systems that know when to loop in humans and when to leave them out of a process, in a way that doesn’t require a heavy touch from outside business analysts.”


Automation startup Hyperscience raises $60M to accelerate development

HyperScience: What happens when you apply AI to paper documents? (YouTube)

Podcast: Interview with Rob Valdez of Kaufman Rossin

It’s Automic chats this week with Rob about his experience with RPA in the banking and finance sector. Rob got his organization into RPA from a shark-tank-style competition and it has since flourished into an external offering. We talk platforms and the impact of licensing (specifically community licenses). We also dive into what the term RPA means to Rob.

Healthcare RPA could boom with COVID-19 ‘tailwinds’

“According to research by Gartner, half of US healthcare providers will invest in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the next three years, up from just 5% today.”

How adoption of RPA meet business resiliency needs?

“…Leslie Joseph, Principal Analyst at Forrester, noted that as companies have recovered their revenues and reopened their supply chains, they have increasingly invested not on rehiring the workforce but on automation and on reducing their dependence on manpower.”

4 Operational Best Practices for Implementing Robotic Process Automation

Cigen outlines their 4 best practices for building a successful and productive RPA deployment.

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