Interview with Tom Taulli, Robocorp exits beta, and Scaling RPA

RPA Weekly for July 7th, 2020

This week we’ve got some great podcast and video content, perfect for your kitchen to home office commute.

Interview with Tom Taulli about RPA (Podcast)

We chatted this week with Tom Taulli . Tom’s literally written the book on RPA and brings his insights on everything from Microsoft’s new involvement in RPA to the future of AI and automation.

Scaling RPA The Smart Way (Podcast)

Forrester’s “What It Means” podcast takes on RPA and discusses the challenges of scaling, especially in the age Covid-19.

Robocorp Opens up to the Public

This past week, Robocorp exited beta, and launched their platform to the public. This includes the Robocode IDE along with the Robocloud platform and the Robohub educational portal. You can see the pricing here.

RPA Talk – Diverse views on Robotic Process Automation (YouTube)

SAP asks a diverse set of experts to share their views on robotic process automation

What Is Robotic Process Automation and How Does It Benefit Federal IT?

FedTech brings us up to date on the GSA’s 2019 initiative to explore and introduce RPA into federal agencies.

UiPath Test Suite: Why RPA Testing is worth your time (YouTube)

There is often a debate around the subject of testing and RPA. Find out how UiPath's Test Automation Suite can not only provide a robust testing framework for your automations, but also form a key part of a fully integrated CI/CD Pipeline for RPA

Getting Technical

Persisting Browser Sessions in Robot Framework & RPA Framework

Using Robot Framework and accessing sites that require a login? Sure, you can login every time with the same credentials but there may be cases where that doesn’t make sense. In this post from Formulated Automation, Brent will cover how to use the Chrome driver and pass a user-data-dir argument to keep your bot logged in between runs.

Robot Framework Browser v. 0.5.0 with a demo (YouTube)

Quick demo of the latest version of Robot Frameworks Browser Plugin

How to start a UIPath process from Python (YouTube)

Check out Cristian’s other videos covering Go and Javascript integration with UIPath.

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