IPO's, Layoffs, Tres Commas and Low Code

April 28th, 2020

Unfortunately it’s a bit of a slow news week, unless it’s Covid19 related. And it is.

The coronavirus pandemic could 'accelerate' UiPath's plans to go public. Here's why the buzzy automation firm's CEO thinks it 'will have one of the biggest IPOs of 2021.'

You’ve got your Covid19 winners.

Hot startup Automation Anywhere is laying off workers as the pandemic causes demand to sharply shift away from its traditional products and towards the cloud

And your Covid19 losers.

Why Pegasystems (PEGA) Might Surprise This Earnings Season

Meanwhile, BPM and RPA player Pegasystems is on track to hit the $1B revenue mark. Welcome to the “Tres Commas” club PEGA.

Weekly Feature: The Down Low on Low Code

This week, we’re featuring recent articles about Low Code / No Code, which seems to be the hot topic at the moment. We’re a bit skeptical, as you can read below, but many of the big platforms are still pushing this, especially with the low supply of developers.

The Citizen Developer and Excel

Our own skeptical take on low code development.

Texas fire department automates inventory management without learning to code

A really good article about how a citizen developer at a fire department in Texas automated their inventory system with low code tools.

With so much remote work, the time is ripe for low-code and no-code software development

Some of the products mentioned in this article feel more like a “Build vs Buy” decision, but there’s some interesting points around what defines a “No Code” system.

Low-Code Automation And The Future Of Work

“Modern enterprises are continually trying to bridge the gap between two of their key employee groups: those who write code and those who write emails.”

Hey now, some of us do both.

Expanding beyond low code into automation: A Q&A with Appian

“Low-code automation is used by top brands and government agencies to respond to change quickly”

You know government agencies, always looking to respond quickly to change.

Image: Diageo PLC

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