More federal gov't automation, Blue Prism hires a new CMO, and an interview with Plena Data

RPA Weekly for September 1st, 2020

This week we focus on how the government is using RPA to save both time and taxpayer money. Plus another RPA focused podcast with the founders of Plena Data.

The ROI of moving automation from back office to mission areas

UiPath’s VP of Federal Sales talks about how the federal government is using RPA, and more importantly, how it’s freeing up workers to spend time on mission activities.

“There was upwards of 10 people per VA medical center at 160 medical centers across the country who had to be repurposed just to process this amount of paperwork, and there was so much of it, they weren’t able to keep up with it. The backlog slowed the ability of veterans to get referrals,” he said. “We have been working with VA to automate a lot of that ingestion and processing of all that paperwork. By doing that, we can take these 10 folks per medical center and get them back to their day jobs. We were able to work through the backlog and the return on investment is in the tens of millions of dollars in a year’s time.”

Chip Coyle Appointed as Chief Marketing Officer of Blue Prism

…Coyle has held leadership positions with Oracle and Infor, and as a marketing advisor has helped transform brands and grow businesses across a range of enterprise software and professional services firms. Blue Prism will be leveraging this experience in personalized marketing, go-to-market strategy, building brands, and leading world-class teams to extend its leadership in enterprise robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation.

Why CPAs should care about RPA

Automation’s purpose isn’t to replace CPAs. TurboTax didn’t and neither will RPA. Its role is to work alongside you to save you time — time you can spend on higher value, more profitable work like strategic planning and advisory services.

9 promising use cases for RPA in finance and accounting

Nothing too new in here, but a good overview for anyone just getting started in RPA from a finance and accounting perspective.

The A/V Club

Interview with Jackson Ostler and Dave Aditya of Plena Data (Podcast)

This week we talk to co-founders Jackson Ostler and Dave Aditya about their company Plena Data.  Plena has built their own RPA platform and has focused the offering on some very specific finance and accounting use cases.  We talk about their experience getting into the RPA space as well as their model for how they operate and deliver value to their customers.

Reducing workforce and budget constraints with RPA tools (Podcast)

Sunil Madhugiri, CTO for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, talks to FedScoop about automating the “last mile” of their processes.

From AI to chatbots, tech shines in agencies’ COVID-19 response (Podcast)

FedScoop talks to Google Cloud’s public sector executive about everything from the use of AI to chatbots during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Securing the Future of RPA with Alan Radford (Podcast)

Security focused, but talks about how RPA can be used in conjunction with securing your access and identity management.

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