Podcast interview with Robocorp's CEO, 10 rules for RPA success, and don't let data scientists ruin your RPA project

RPA Weekly for Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

Interview with Antti Karjalainen, Founder/CEO of Robocorp

Antti Karjalainen is the Founder & CEO of Robocorp, a San Francisco and Helsinki based company that set out to change the licensing and delivery model of robotics process automation with open source technologies.

It’s Automic went in-depth on the state of open-source robotic automation with Antti, the roots of Robot Framework, and dove into Robocorp’s upcoming offerings.


Quick look at Robocorps Open Source RPA platform

Nandan Mullakara shows us a sneak peek of Robocode.

What Does The Future Of Robotic Process Automation Look Like?

"...the role of the software robot developer will be in high demand, as RPA starts coming available for new kinds of use-cases and broader audiences"

Don’t let data scientists ruin your RPA project

A look at the difficulties of offloading the complexities of AI to someone outside your RPA team.

"The mindset of data scientists drives towards exploratory projects, whereas RPA engineers need quick solutions that move items on the backlog"

10 golden rules for RPA success, and RPA and test automation

Forrester lays out their 10 golden rules for RPA, and makes the important distinction between test automation and RPA.

"Rule #2. Forgo idealized business cases, build sensible RPA." Maybe this should be number 1.

"Does anyone have rules for RPA code development that ensure good code?"

A reddit thread from /r/rpa about good RPA coding practices.

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