Robocorp launches Robocloud, Nintex buys K2, UiPath still winning, ReFramework Intro and the Air Force is using RPA

RPA Weekly for October 2nd, 2020

We’ve taken a bit of time off on the podcast, but we’ll be back with a new episode next Tuesday and we’ve got a great line-up of guests we’ll be interviewing over the coming weeks. Remember to subscribe!

Robocorp formally introduces Robocorp Cloud

Although some of you may have been using it in beta, it’s now reached the general release stage. We’ve been playing with it at Formulated Automation and will have a podcast on it in the coming week, but it’s worth trying out if you’re a bit more on the technical side.

Nintex Buys K2, Bolstering Process Automation Offerings

Nintex suggested that the acquisition of K2 would give it access to "approximately 50 percent of the Fortune 500 and will generate over $200 million in annual recurring revenue."

K2 has specialized in addressing automation at a medium-to-high complexity level, while Nintex offers a broader portfolio of products to support automation…



Forget me not said the lonely bot...

This is a great read on managing bots in production and some common pitfalls. My favorite highlight:

The “deadman” switch put in its place to detect a bot’s failure to “check in” was sending email notifications to a decommissioned email account – though none of the emails bounced back.

Which RPA Software Are The Most Popular With Users?

No surprise here, UiPath is winning out by a large margin.

The A/V Club

UiPath REFramework - Full Tutorial - Example from Start to Finish (YouTube)

This is a great introduction to ReFramework by Anders Jensen. He’s got some great RPA focused YouTube content and will be a guest on the Formulated Automation Podcast next week.

DisruptiveAF - Cherrod Overbey: Leveraging technology to resolve pain points (YouTube and Podcast)

The US Air Force has a technology podcast, and this week they focused on RPA. Worth a listen.

Tech. Sgt. Cherrod Overbey is a personnelist with the Air Force Personnel Center and has started AFPC’s Robotic Process Automation Journey. Cherrod recently competed in the AFWERX Spark Tank 2020 competition where he was able to pitch the power of RPA to Air Force senior leadership and guest judges. Cherrod is passionate about improving Airmen everyday lives at work and making work smarter not harder.

Also in audio format

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