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RPA Weekly for June 30th, 2020

A bit of a slow news week in RPA land (no billion $ funding events, a real rarity), so this week we're focusing on some of the great content being produced about RPA, including podcasts, screencasts and some best-of RPA Reddit.

Automation in Production using RPA with Sune Engsig (Podcast)

Test Guild talks with Sune Engsig, a Senior Product Evangelist at LEAPWORK, about automation insights and productivity tips for RPA. Definitely worth a listen.

Automation Masters: X-Raying inefficiencies with process mining

Rudolf Kuhn (UiPath, founder of Process Gold) speaks to Automation Masters about process mining, a key success factor in automating complex processes.

Formulated Automation Podcast: Industry News, Predicting Future State and Robot Profiling

Don’t get confused, we renamed the It’s Automic Podcast to the Formulated Automation Podcast for a variety of reasons (mostly because the name was already taken). This week we discuss the name change along with some industry news.

70 Process Automation Tools of 2020: A Comprehensive Guide

An extremely comprehensive list of process automation tools along with who’s using them.

Introduction to Robot Framework (Screencast)

Paul Merrill takes us through an 8 chapter screencast introduction to Robot Framework. This is an excellent starting point if you’re just getting started with open source RPA.

AutoHotkey Podcast (Video)

Joe Glines and Jackie Sztuk talk about GUI RPA tools and compare and contrast them to AutoHotkey.

Create Custom Robot Framework Libraries

Always been curious how to create reusable keywords with Robot Framework? Check out this informative tutorial how to use Resource Files and custom Python Libraries.

The Future of RPA: 2020 Trends and Future Predictions

An interesting Medium post both introducing RPA and making predictions about it’s impact in 2020 and beyond.

Best of Reddit /r/RPA Questions and Answers

This week, we highlight some of the best threads from the /r/RPA sub-reddit.

Anybody using Power Automate? How's it stack up to the current RPA solutions?

…I've been seeing more about the Power Automate with MS and was wondering if anybody has any experience with it and what your thoughts are on how it stacks up to other RPA products?

Switching from web development to RPA(UiPath)

Currently I am an intern as a web developer (Laravel+vue.js) and I've been on a job hunt for 3 weeks now so that I could secure a permanent job. I have an offer to be a RPA developer so I would like to seek some advice from people who are in this field for more than a year,would you encourage anyone to go for RPA and do you plan to stay in this field for many more years?

How is your RPA team structured?

I'm curious about what different RPA teams look like… From the UIpath training, it seems the norm for a big company like mine would have Business Analyst, PM / Implementation Manager, Solution Architect, and an RPA Developer all backed up by Process Owners, IT and the Business.

RPA Podcasts?

Looks like we made the list! Thanks to our listeners out there.

Also, if you’re particularly interested in Open Source RPA solutions check out our new sub-reddit focused on exactly that. It’s early, but we hope it will be a place you can rely on for up to date information on the open source RPA world.

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