RPA Redux, Deploying UiPath to AWS, RoboCorp interview and more.

It's RPA Weekly for September 9th, 2020

Labor Day means a bit of a slow news week, but there’s still some good stuff in this week’s edition.

RPA Redux The Convergence of RPA, IPaaS, and Low Code

The staff at GigaOm revisit their RPA analysis from a year ago to see what’s changed. Interesting notes around consolidation.

“…having delivered solutions for a number of years, it was obvious to me that the audience for these types of products were not going to be interested in a best-of-breed approach. They don’t have the technical support to make that work and it was clear to me that it was not going to take customers long to come back and ask for these features so they could continue their automation journey with a single vendor.”

Field Notes: Deploying UiPath RPA Software on AWS

IDK.dev does a great job breaking down a UiPath deployment to AWS. If you’re technically focused, this is a good read.

15 essential resources for robotic process automation teams

Good list of RPA focused industry groups as well as upcoming conferences over the next year. Worth a quick glance if you’re looking to network more in the Automation space.

New ISACA Research Shows 1 in 3 Companies Use Robotic Process Automation

In their survey, 37% of employees cited concerns about job losses, while 55% of companies said they were moving to RPA to reduce staffing costs. At least everyone is on the same page.

The A/V Club

Robotic Process Automation with Antti Karjalainen (Podcast)

The Software Engineering Daily Podcast talks with the CEO of RoboCorp about all things RPA.

How the Air Force and USDA are Using Robotic Process Automation to Transform the Mission (Podcast)

“Now is the time for other agencies to automate and broaden the value of their digital offerings to enhance the user experience to be like Uber and Netflix.”

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