RPA to strengthen the supply chain, human capital vs automation, and we dive into legacy code

RPA Weekly for September 17th, 2020

Not much in the way of groundbreaking industry news this week but plenty of great content, especially on the podcast side of things.

RPA and AI strengthen weak links in supply chain workflows

TechTarget interviews Mike Kreider, vice president of IT Americas at DHL Supply Chain, about how DHL uses RPA to strengthen their supply chain.

DHL is using RPA to automate manual data entry functions, generate supply chain status updates and perform system-to-system audit functions. "RPA has helped bridge the gap for system-to-system communication when traditional system integration and APIs are not available," Kreider added.

Human Capital (and not AI or RPA) is your key differentiator!

“Though the innovation conversation is usually dominated by the latest emergent digital technologies – e.g. robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), optical character recognition (OCR) or data analytics – it’s important for leaders to note that these are merely the tools that enable the vision for enhanced customer experiences and more efficient business processes. At its core, future proofing your organization relies much more on people than it will on any device or program.”

12 Free RPA Tools In The Market

Nothing too new here, but if you’re just getting started in RPA, it’s a good overview of what tools are available to start using for free.

The RPA Noise: The Long and Short of It

ReadWriteWeb gives a decent quick overview of the current state of RPA, especially good for anyone just dipping their toe in the RPA waters.

How to mine processes to gain RPA gold

A good article breaking down the differences between “Process Mining” and “Task Mining” when it comes to finding automation opportunities in your org.

“Regardless of what approach you take, you still need to know your business. The tools can't tell you where to start. Do your diligence and ensure that you have a good plan, and above all, make sure that you can demonstrate value.”

The A/V Club

Dive Into Legacy Code with M. Scott Ford (Podcast)

In our latest episode we speak to M. Scott Ford, the Chief Code Whisperer at Corgibytes.  A company that focuses on mending software.  He is also the host of one of our favorite podcasts - Legacy Code Rocks.  This episode is all about legacy code, a topic that is really near and dear to the RPA community.

Texas and New Jersey IT leaders praise benefits of RPA (Podcast)

The Statescoop podcast talks to IT leaders in New Jersey and Texas state governments about the unprecedented demands for RPA services during the pandemic.

“Agencies [in Texas] started getting a lot of email requests, and it was beyond [our] capacity,” he explains. “We were able to quickly stand up a couple of RPAs and use natural language processing to ingested information and direct a quick response to certain emails.”

RPA and Epic: A Perfect Match (Podcast)

The team at Keymark talks to Sam Whitten, Director of Sales for RPA. They discuss how RPA can integrate with Epic, the healthcare electronic medical records system, and how pairing the two can streamline specific processes and help create a more strategic solution within healthcare organizations.

Leveraging AI to Accelerate the Evolution of Work (Podcast)

Blue Prism chats with the CEO of Faethm, an AI and SaaS platform about the future of work and the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on 2 billion workers.

AI & RPA for the Finance Sector (YouTube)

UiPaths Director of AI Product Platform, Sunil Tahilramani, and Industry Lead for Capital Markets, William Hincher, talk about AI and RPA in the Finance sector.

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