Tuesday, March 24th 2020

Podcasts, Compliance and still some Covid19. It's RPA Weekly #2!

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All you need to know about RPA (Podcast)

The SD Times Podcast digs into RPA. Their guests are Burley Kawasaki, the chief product officer at business process automation company K2, and Wayne Ariola, general manager at Tricentis RPA. 21 minutes

How to Prevent RPA from Messing With Internal Controls (CFO Magazine)

“Gartner’s Future of Finance research recently identified RPA as putting internal controls at risk, as a rush to adoption has created risk management blind spots”

Give your CFO the FYI on RPA and SOX so you can CYA.

What’s Driving RPA Growth? (DevPro Journal)

Malcolm Ross, VP of Product Strategy at Appian talks about what’s driving the growth in RPA. Spoiler alert, it’s cost savings.

RPA speed Covid19 delivery results to patients (Yahoo Finance/PR)

It’s a PR piece, but it’s a neat article an RPA provider helping an Isreali medical org automate the email delivery of Covid 19 test results to patients.

The Potential Of AI & RPA Together (Forbes)

Quick look at where we are today with AI and where we will be tomorrow.

Deal with Legacy Before it Deals with You (Pivotal Labs)

Michael Coté talks about how organizations like Pivotal Labs deal with legacy software. Nothing specifically RPA related in here, but it’s a great read for developers in the legacy ecosystem (which is most RPA devs)

HHS takes low-code approach to healthier legacy apps (CIO.com Warning: Registration Required)

CIO magazine talks about how the Department of Health and Human Services is tackling legacy with low-code dev tools.

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