UIPath eyeing $10B, Two Podcasts, Blue Prism Earnings Update and Debugging Robot Framework

It's another RPA Weekly for June 23rd, 2020

Report: RPA firm UiPath is in talks to raise capital at possible $10B+ valuation

The word on the street is that UIPath is back in the market for capital and looking at a valuation of $10B+, a more than $3B mark-up from April 2019.

The $3 billion valuation bump UiPath could reportedly receive if it raises new funding may partially be a reflection of its revenue growth. Bobby Patrick, the company’s chief marketing officer, detailed on SiliconANGLE Media’s theCUBE last month that “our business is now well over $400 million in ARR.”

Podcast: Interview with Mikkel Rønde Jensen from the City of Copenhagen

This week we dive into what RPA looks like in the public sector with Mikkel Rønde Jensen. Mikkel develops bots for the City of Copenhagen and walks us through how they've implemented RPA and how they maintain long-term value with their bots.

Podcast: Low Code Platforms with James Augeri

The team at “Legacy Code Rocks” interviewed James Augeri,Techstarsalumni, U.S. Airforce veteran, and a founder ofJingle about his passion for low-code platforms.

“What are their advantages, and where are their limits? When are they useful, and when do they become a liability? James' answers to these questions will help you navigate this incoming disruption.”

Blue Prism's losses widen

It can’t all be good news for the RPA leaders. While Blue Prism saw revenue growth of 70%, the market seems to be skeptical of their ability to break even in 2021 given the current direction of losses.

Technical Screencast: Debugging with Robot Framework

For our more technical readers, this week we looked at debugging on the open source RPA framework Robot Framework. This two part series walks through debugging a Robot Framework script by pausing it’s execution on failure and dropping into Python’s interactive debugger.

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