UiPath IPO in 2021, RPA for CPA's, State Department Automation, and Super Charging RPA with AI

RPA Weekly for July 28th, 2020

Bit of a slow news week for RPA, but there’s some great podcast and YouTube content that should help fill in the gaps.

UiPath IPO set for 2021?

According to one Romanian news source, Profit.ro, UiPath’s CEO, Daniel Dines, has set 2021 as the year for their IPO. I don’t speak Romanian, so I’m going by what two other news sites confirmed along with my own reading via Google Translate, but this really isn’t that surprising.

“We had plans for listing on the stock exchange even before the pandemic, but we made a promise, namely that we would initiate the IPO only when we are profitable. The pandemic has accelerated our plans. We have a very solid financial situation, and we plan to apply for the IPO next year”

Original (Romanian)

Critical Considerations on RPA and Why It’s Important

“…corporate finance teams spend about 80 percent of their time gathering, verifying, and consolidating data, leaving only about 20 percent for higher-level tasks like analysis and decision making”

The biggest issue will be finding the finance talent with the skills necessary to implement these automations.

According to a recent CGMA survey, only 10 percent of CFOs said that their finance teams have the skills it needs to support the company’s digital ambitions.

State Department sees RPA as path to help desk efficiency

Looks like they’ve already selected UiPath as the platform and are now seeking a partner to help them roll out a first implementation. Do digital workers get diplomatic immunity?

The A/V Club

Part II: AI & Supercharging Your RPA with Forbes' Tom Taulli (YouTube)

RPA author and Forbes columnist Tom Taulli sat down with the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and talked about how AI can improve your RPA implementations.

Evolve Your Finance Department with Intelligent Digital Workers (Podcast)

Paula Carneiro and Amahl Williams of Wonderbotz talk about how to evolve your finance department with intelligent digital workers.

I think my favorite question is “Could your CFO be a digital worker”

Recruiting Future with Matt Alder: Robotic Process Automation (Podcast)

Matt talks with Leigh Pullen, CEO at a Robotic Process Automation services company based in Melbourne about automating HR.

Wartsila’s RPA Journey: From one robot in their first 4 weeks, to over 400 currently in production (YouTube)

Nishant Redekar, a Solution Architect at Warstila, talks about how they launched their first bot into production in just 4 weeks and scaled to more than 400 in production today.

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