What is Attended vs Unattended RPA?

What is Attended vs Unattended RPA?

There are many parts that make up RPA as a whole. RPA is powerful but the term really makes up a suite of individual methods and technologies. In simple terms, RPA can perform repetitive tasks without errors and can be applied to nearly any environment. It is by using software bots with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to automate digital tasks and efficiently perform a high-volume of repeatable tasks. 

One of the important things that we know is that there are two different modes that both work in different ways in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). These bots are called Attended and  Unattended bots

Attended RPA 

Bots in the attended mode of RPA work alongside humans to perform and achieve tasks. It collaborates with employees in their front-office tasks to boost productivity. These bots work interactively with an individual. An employee can use an attended bot while performing a task or interacting with customers. It makes the employee's life far more productive in executing repeatable and robotic activities. Bots are always available and easy to access whenever an employee needs them. Some of its benefits are; enhanced productivity and customer experience. Think of attended bots as an assistant that can act as a force multiplier.

Unattended RPA 

In contrast with attended bots, bots in unattended modes work without the need for an individual or simply without human involvement. They perform their tasks independently since they are pre-programmed to initiate tasks beforehand. Unattended bots perform on an established schedule. Some of its benefits are; cost-effective, accuracy in work, increased productivity and relieves employees from their repetitive tasks.  The main advantage is a human doesn’t need to initiate the bot and it can work based on changes on a filesystem, a received email or other trigger.

Consider that even though these two works differently, it plays an important role in the full deployment of Robotic Process Automation. Both of these modes of operation help businesses reach capture value and combining them leads to a complete RPA solution. 

About Formulated Automation: Our mission is to make the workplace a more meaningful environment for the entire workforce. We achieve this by automating robotic work. This frees up humans to do human work. If you find your company does the above, reach out, and let’s see if automation can deliver value to your organization. 

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